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The Single Most Effective Customer Acquisition and Retention System in Existence.

NOTHING ELSE even comes Close!

If you are a Business Owner and if you are Sharp you WILL take a look.
Our system is Effective and Exclusive!

The Only Company to offer GeoFencing  AND Beacons.

A Truly Unique Customer Experience.
NO Other form of Advertising can compare.

Look Around, what are your Customers Doing?

Engaging Someone on their Smart Phones.

Unfortunately Not You.
First, Get Them In
Customer Acquisition.

When your customers come within Range of your Beacon or inside your GeoFence, Your Message pops up on their Smart Phone.
This is Local, Direct and NOW Advertising unmatched Anywhere Else.

Then KEEP Them
Smarter.Marketing System.

Now that we have them in the store, we KEEP them with a Smarter.Marketing  system like what you are seeing Right Now!
There is nothing like this anywhere and the best part, it's Part of our System.

Totally responsive
Our SmarterMarketing Suite works across All Platforms, any time, anywhere.

If you aren't using VIDEO in this day and age you are already being left behind. We are video experts and can work with you for your video needs,, that tie right into your overall Marketing campaign.

Exclusive eComm System.
Businesses Helping Businesses.

Our system is structured so businesses throughout the State and entire Region are helping you build your customer base because everyone helps eachother.
This is a Totally Exclusive feature not found in any other system like this.

And guess what, even your Competitors are helping to build your customer base.

You control your GeoFence

It's done in the Cloud, you can decide how big.
When is your Message Seen?
You Decide

Upon entering the Fence.
Upon dwelling for a specific time.
Upon Leaving.
You can even ask for additional information.

Android - Apple

No matter if they use their Smart Phone or Tablet, they get the message.
And customers LOVE it because they have control.

Move it When and Where you Need

Have an off-site sale? Move your GeoFence to that location.
Competitor having a sale? Move it to his location and announce your sale.

You Control What they See
Coupon - Video - Link

You not only control what they see but when and how often.
For instance, want to give out a coupon? When they redeem it it's redeemed, or you can set it to renew.

True 21st Century Technology
that costs Less than a One Day a Week 1" Newspaper ad.

Not only is it Affordable, it's Necessary if you wish to appeal to the 21st Century Customer.