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The First link just below is in our SOLAR business, the Fastest Growing Industry Worldwide.

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Wellness with Clinical Proof

You heard right, Clinical Proof.

I've not been involved in Wellness for some time because the stuff that's out there simply doesn't work. This is Different, REALLY Different.  See for yourself.

A Logical Evaluation

Note the Red Flags

I'm not a big fan of Network Marketing for the reasons in this Evaluation.
Check it out. If you have tried one and failed, you'll know why.
But you'll also know why the two shown here DO Work.

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Dr. Rick Mayer

As you might guess, because of the systems I supply I constantly get offers from different companies to join them. They will make me the Exhaulted Grand PooBah, the Master Distributor or whatever they want to call it. "You'll be at the top and make commissions off of Everyone!"

But in the end it boils down to the products. These two are the Only Ones I do.